Award Winning New York Based Philanthropist Maksim Grinberg is Making a Splash

Who is Maksim Grinberg? Let us introduce you to the New York based philanthropist who is starting to make a splash in the New York City and Brooklyn philanthropic scene.

William Shakespeare wrote “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” This famous line is one of the most known in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet due to its profound meaning, which is that a name is arbitrary compared to a person’s qualities. New York’s Maksim Grinberg made the news; however, his qualities did not. If we are to judge a man, we must know more than his name — we must know who he is as a person.

Maksim Grinberg is a man who works tirelessly to support various causes, close to his home in New York and worldwide. His reach can even be seen in communities as far as Eastern Europe. He can often be found researching and donating to causes that directly and positively impact cancer research, Jewish communities, homeless, problem gambling, at-risk youth, small businesses, and many more.

In 2019, Maksim Grinberg was the guest of honor at the Chabad Neshama Gala Dinner, where he received an award for his charitable acts and community service.

Maksim Grinberg constantly promotes the welfare and the ideas of Jewish people by bringing about change through donating time, resources, energy, and money. “Maksim is truly incredible,” Rabbi Laskin said. “He is a respected member of the community.”

Rabbi Laskin went on to explain that unlike most, he supports his synagogue beyond the holidays. In fact, Maksim Grinberg was the inspiration behind the opening of an educational Synagogue Center in upstate New York and the rabbi plans on honoring him publicly for his good patronage.

“Giving back to the Jewish community is one of my greatest sources of happiness,” Maksim Grinberg said. “As a jewish man myself, I’ve seen first hand how those in my community are treated and helping in any way I can is something that I have done and always will continue to do.”

Maksim’s efforts to support these communities are most often done quietly, behind the scenes. This is a man not out for recognition or personal gain, but one who simply wants to contribute and give back. Maksim views life as a journey filled with opportunities to help others through service, charitable contributions, and by simply being there for those who need it most.

He is driven by the feeling of gratitude he has for his family, friends and community. This is a man who firmly believes that it is these relationships in life that make us who we are, help us to grow as individuals, and define our character. Maksim lives by the motto, “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

Maksim feels fortunate to have experienced many wonderful opportunities throughout his life personally and professionally. Maksim Grinberg’s life journey may not have always been easy but he chooses to focus on what he does have rather than what he has lost.

If you sit down with Maksim Grinberg, he will gladly tell you his story, including his past, and his dreams for the future. After learning about his journey from the USSR to the United States to learning a new language to becoming a husband and a father to attending Stony Brook then leaving it all behind to be the man he thought he should be for his family, you will see just how strong Maksim Grinberg is mentally.

When interviewed, all who know Maksim Grinberg agreed they could go on and on about his good patronage and nature for helping people, all people, especially his family. The stories we heard included similar characteristics that appeared during his adolescence and remain to this day.

“‘What can I do to help?’ is what he always asks. Generous is not the word for him. Maks has such a beautiful soul and his nature is to help.” — Sarra and Benny “the Jet” Urquidez

These are the stories that formed Maksim Grinberg into the man, father, and protector he is and why his family and those in need always have been and always will be his utmost priority.

Maksim Grinberg with his two sons sitting on a bench in New York

Want to learn more about Maksim Grinberg or get in touch? Head over to his website to get to know him and his work here: He welcomes all and loves to find new charities and non-profits to support.

About the author: Mikayla Catoe is an award winning freelance writer and publicist based out of Brooklyn, New York.



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